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Website Visitor Tracking Intent Data
Sep 05. 2019

Account Scoring Step-By-Step - How to Make First-Party Intent Data Work for You

Historically, account scoring has been tied directly to a company's perceived "fit" to an Ideal Company Profile (ICP). However, this is just one ...

author: Alex Chan

Website Visitor Tracking Reverse IP Lookup
Aug 07. 2019

10 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your IP Address Data Vendor

IP address intelligence is one of the most powerful sales and marketing technologies available today - providing valuable first-party data that ...

author: Tina Bean

Website Visitor Tracking Target Accounts
Jul 01. 2019

First-Party Intent Data: Your Most Valuable Resource You’re Not Using (Yet)

Before we get ahead of ourselves, we should probably clarify what we mean by “

author: Andy Golden