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Reverse IP Lookup Digital Marketing
Nov 14. 2019

5 Ways to Fight Digital Ad Fraud

This year alone, marketers will lose about $6 billion to fraudulent ad activity, and the worst part is, they don’t even know they’ve been ...

author: Andy Golden

Account-Based Marketing
Oct 31. 2019

Marketing Attribution - ABM’s Final Frontier

First off, for all you Star Trek fans out there, I know "Final Frontier" sounds better, but the ...

author: Alex Chan

Firmographics Target Accounts
Oct 17. 2019

How to Build a Better ABM Target List Using Firmographics

The main goal of an account-based marketing strategy is to eliminate marketing to uninterested buyers and in turn increasing your attention and ...

author: Angela Hawker

Website Visitor Tracking Reverse IP Lookup
Oct 03. 2019

6 Ways You Should Be Using IP Geolocation

Before we get ahead of ourselves, we should discuss what we mean when we say IP geolocation, and more importantly, what we don’t mean.  ...

author: Andy Golden

Target Accounts
Sep 18. 2019

5 Ways to Decrease Ad Waste Using Google Analytics & Ads

  The look on Ben Franklin’s face says it all, he’s ...

author: Sam Quicke

Website Visitor Tracking Intent Data
Sep 05. 2019

Account Scoring Step-By-Step - How to Make First-Party Intent Data Work for You

Historically, account scoring has been tied directly to a company's perceived "fit" to an Ideal Company Profile (ICP). However, this is just one ...

author: Alex Chan